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Cuddle Chairs for Sale

Any place is good for a little cuddly time with someone special, but cuddle chairs (from bring the experience to the level of elegance and sophistication, at the same time lending the room a feel of coziness and intimacy. And the best thing is that the trick can be done in virtually any kind of arrangement as the choice of designs, colors and fabrics is huge, from massive and leather-upholstered pieces to soft and sinky loungers fit for a kid’s room to graceful chairs with quilted cushions and cast aluminum frame, like the one from Ballard Designs.

Amalfi Cuddle Chair And Ottoman - Ballard Designs
Basic tan cushions included. Extremely strong, yet light enough for easy placement. Sand Black finish resists rust and chipping. Each piece in this inviting collection is crafted of cast aluminum, so the decoration can be more ornate and finely detailed. Cuddle Chair features an intricate basket weave design with a rich 3-dimensional look and is beautifully scrolled on both sides, so you can enjoy the pattern from behind. Ottoman is large enough to double as a casual coffee table.

Of course cuddle chairs are not only about cuddling and often tend to be chosen out of practicality rather than romantic intentions. Although better enjoyed by two, they provide a universal seating option when you are limited to compact living arrangements, such as a dorm, and need a versatile piece of furniture to relax, study and seat your guests.

Certainly, this is not to say that a cuddle chair doesn’t go well with spacious interiors. In this case, size is exactly the element that makes it so attractive. Larger than a single seat chair, but smaller than a regular sofa, it immediately draws attention as something unusual and may easily become an appealing focal point of the room.

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